Accuracy as learning

Jean François Wiart, who spent his childhood in his grandfather's workshop, among the wood chips and smells of wood glue, began his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker before attending the Beaux-Arts in Paris.

His trip to Japan and his years in Kyoto allowed him to discover the work of glass, its possibilities and its emotional power. Later, the Ateliers d’Art de France guild served as a driving force for the development of his workshop.
Installed for more than ten years in Marrakech, our workshop works with a team of specialized craftsmen.

Improve the material

Our workshop privileges the high value of craft through human achievement according to the principles of William Morris. Our master craftsmen carry on constant research.

We approach material by sensitivity, to unfold, constantly, all its possibilities.

Advanced techniques

Our workshop is constantly researching and developing innovative techniques.

At the forefront of glass melting, we master tempering, laminating, bending and fusing.

Shaping up together

With our technical and aesthetic know-how we will imagine, draw and design objects and environments.

The samples are made with advanced digital tools as well as traditional techniques. Some projects require a multidisciplinary approach: we then work by subcontracting parts with the best partners craftsmen, while keeping control of the final work.

From initial sketches to construction plans, from realization to delivery, we ensure the whole project.

A constant search for emotion

Design is a subtle balance between function and visual result. Projects start with an idea, an initial spark.

Progressive maturation is done in dialogue with the client and the project manager.

At the crossroads of Western and Eastern inspirations, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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